City Winery

I can't say I am a wine snob, even though I sometimes throw those "wine vocab" in the sentences while tasting wines. But I do know what I like, just like the Copain we served up at our wedding, which has always been our signature go-to ever since we got introduced to it. And of course, our wedding theme was very "wine country". So when I learned that Amanda of City Winery will give the girls of Daughter of Design a tour of the space, I was excited.

The Barrel Room entrance welcomes as the guests arrive.

A high-ceiling space once the guests pass through the barrels, it will turn into an intimate ceremony with soft lighting and draping of fabric added on.

In the "winery" some serious fermentation is going on. Guests can sip the wine and learn about how the ruby color is so alive and every drop so delicious as they relax and mingle at the cocktail hour.

The dinner reception happens in the main room that turns the winery into a romantic dinner setting as the guests eat, drink, and dance the night away.

What do you think?
A bride who loves wine and wants to share her passion with the guests don't have to travel to Long Island. Here in SoHo, City Winery makes it happen for you.

{photos courtesy to City Winery}